The House Speaker And The Rules Committee

29 Dec

The recent elections in Greece have thrown open the hitherto hidden post of the House Speaker to the bargaining table. The outcome of this election has thrown open the role of the House Speaker and the role of the Vice President in Greece. The new Greek government is now dependent on the support and the policies of the new Greek President. If the President goes wrong or if the Speaker oversteps his power then the center of gravity moves towards the center ground and the country moves closer to a democratic constitution. View here for more information about the Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen

The Greek people elected the new President with a mandate, but they were also voting for a speaker who will keep them in check. If the speaker cannot deliver the mandate of the people for a particular item such as the defense budget, then the assembly will have to go back to the polls again and elect a new president. If the House Speaker continues to disregard the wishes of the people in order to secure a particular political victory, then he becomes a majority leader. He can then continue with his anti-bailout agenda and pursue his own agenda instead of being a check on the actions of the majority. He can continue to be a Majority Leader until the new Greek government is established.

If a speaker of the house or any other member of the house or of the Senate or even of the House decides that they want to serve their political future or that they want to be part of the governing committee, then they have to take a position as a majority leader or a minority leader, according to the constitution. If the speaker of the house or any other member of the house or of the Senate does not follow the wishes of the people in their decision, then they lose their credibility and they cannot claim to be a representative of the people in the future. This is why the House Speaker is chosen by the members of the house. A speaker cannot serve the people if they are not part of the governing group and if they fail to carry out the people's wishes when voting.

The Speaker of the house has to remember to cater to the needs of the majority or the minority party and to ensure that the people get what they want. The majority party always wants a balanced bill or a compromise between what other members of the legislature want and what they themselves want. However the minority party always wants an absolute solution, without compromising the interests of other groups within the legislature. The Speaker has to deal with these differing interests and try to find a middle ground. He has to be the glue that unites the parties behind a common cause.

The majority party will also have its own set of agenda's and it is up to the speaker to get the job done quickly and effectively. For example the Democrats want to see bills that are passed before the Christmas holidays and with only a few amendments. On the other hand the Republicans want the bills voted through as soon as possible before Christmas and with many more amendments. The Democrats will have the support of the majority of the legislature and therefore the majority whip the committee chairmen and keep the committee meetings very busy trying to get the majority of the bill through without the amendments. Check out more details about the best News portal with this story

The Rules Committee is the counterpart of the Rules and Budget Committee. If the House speaker and the majority whip the committee, then the Rules Committee will try and get the bill passed as quickly as possible, without unnecessary amendments or changes. The Rules Committee often has the lead role in deciding how many amendments are allowed to the bill. The Rules Committee also decides which questions are asked during the debate and how long the debate will last. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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